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Waterman Finance

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Waterman Finance & Wozipo Capital

At Waterman Finance we understand your need to get the right water sports gear for your passion, and your need to get it NOW. Waterman is run by people just like you; people with a love for being on the water. And that’s why we have teamed-up with Wozipo Capital. Wozipo’s directors have a love of sport and a keen understanding of the financial challenge that sometimes comes with purchasing the best gear for your sport. The Waterman / Wozipo team are here to assist and help finance your healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re into big air or wave riding while kite surfing, foiling, getting barreled on your surfboard, or surf-ski downwinders, you need the right gear. Let Waterman Finance and Wozipo Capital help you to get out there, sooner rather than later.  

Wozipo, a registered credit provider, guided by the National credit regulator, has been assisting sportsmen for over 15 years and are no strangers to offering responsible credit. Its partnership with Waterman Finance is tailored to you, to get you geared-up and ready to hit the waves.


We can finance almost any new or used water sports gear, such as:

  • Kites, boards, foils, harnesses, helmets, wet-suits(and even your kitesurfing lessons!)

  • Surfboards, SUPS, paddles

  • Surf skis, paddles, life-jackets (and your surf-ski school lessons!)

  • Windsurfers, sails, masts, booms

  • Jet skis and other select motorised equipment

Let us know what you need financed?

Water Sports

Get stoked NOW!

Getting your gear financed is easy, and typically takes 3 days to finalise. The steps to completing your financed purchase are as follows:

  1. Choose your gear from the shop and submit the itemised quote to us, along with the completed Waterman Finance / Wozipo Capital application forms.

  2. We’ll do the necessary credit approval on our side, and confirm the conditions of finance to you.

  3. Upon acceptance of our offer by you, you pay a 10% deposit directly to the shop, and we will pay the 90% balance to the shop.

  4. Collect your gear and hit the water!

  5. We recover the loan by monthly debit order on your bank account.


Let us help you get on the water sooner!

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