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Waterman Finance & Wozipo Capital can help you grow your business

At Waterman Finance we understand that retail business is all about turnover. We assist your customers by financing their purchase of their water sports gear from you. There is no risk to you. We will vet the customer’s credit profile, and if approved, we pay you directly for the sale. The steps to a sale are simple:

  1. You provide the customer with a quote for the sale of the gear and refer them to Waterman Finance / Wozipo Capital for potential financing.

  2. Customer applies for financing. They can apply for financing of up to 90% of the value of the sale.

  3. We run the credit checks, and if the customer is approved for financing, then Waterman / Wozipo enters into a financing agreement with the customer.

  4. Customer pays you the 10% deposit directly, and Waterman / Wozipo pays you the 90% balance.


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If it floats, flies or foils, Waterman Finance can help you make those sales. We can finance almost all water sports equipment. Below are just some of the gear that we can finance:

  • Kites, boards, foils, harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, (and even kitesurfing lessons for your customers)

  • Surfboards, SUPS, paddles

  • Surf-skis, paddles, life-jackets (and surf-ski school lessons!)

  • Windsurfers, sails, masts, booms

  • Jet skis and other select motorised equipment

Let us know what your customers need financed!

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