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Top 5 Extreme Water Sports Videos of the Week - 12 February

Each week, here at Waterman Finance, we bring you the top 5 watersports videos of the week. Our team delightfully scrape through YouTube to find you the best water sports action around the world (past and present). No better way to spend the final hours of your Friday afternoon while you get ready for the post-work beer.


1. Big Wave Kiting

Surfing Visions bring us some awesome kite action at Nazare. These guys make it look so effortless, but let me assure you, it's far from that.


2. Kite School

Kite-Surf-College is back with another epic tutorial. This time we learn how to jump (at all levels). Not easy at first. But when mastered, there are not many better feelings.


3. Surf School

Kale Brock brings us a tutorial on how to surf. The swell looks good a Muizies this weekend so perhaps it's time to give it a bash.


4. The Beauty of the Board

Universe Kite brings us the beauty of kitesurfing. The clips in this video are nothing short of magnificent. Sit back and enjoy.


5. No Gear but still all the Fear

Okay... whether this is a watersport may be debatable.

The adrenaline is this video can qualify for our top 5. Thank you, Square.


Folks, that's it from us for this week. Stay groovy and keep safe.

Have an epic weekend!


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