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Top 5 Extreme Water Sports Videos of the Week - 5 February

Each week, here at Waterman Finance, we bring you the top 5 watersports videos of the week. Our team delightfully scrape through YouTube to find you the best water sports action around the world (past and present). No better way to spend the final hours of your Friday afternoon while you get ready for the post-work beer.


1. Water Women

Horue Movie gives us insights into the magnificent skill of these four beautiful ladies. Kitesurfing has never looked more attractive.


2. Hawaiian Waterman

Kai Lenny and Red Bull make the top 5 again this week. The camera crew follow Kai for four months while he trains for the worlds biggest surfing events.


3. The Dream

Exploring Alternatives give us a glimpse into every waterman's dreams. Here we what it would be like to live on a self-sufficient sailboat for 10 years.


4. America's Cup Highlights 2020

As we build-up to America's Cup 2021, watch back on last years race. These boats are as fast as a horse, reaching speeds over 40 knots (75km/h).


5. The Wind God has Spoken

Our Kite Life show The Ten Commandment of Kitesurfing:

  1. Thou shall not wear my board sorts over my wetsuit.

  2. Thou shall not think they are too cool for school... or safety.

  3. Thou shall know the language.

  4. Thou shall not be selfish.

Keep watching for the last six!


Folks, that's it from us for this week. Stay groovy and keep safe.

Have an epic weekend!


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