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Top 5 Extreme Water Sports Videos of the Week - 18 March

Each week, here at Waterman Finance, we bring you the top 5 watersports videos of the week. Our team delightfully scrape through YouTube to find you the best water sports action around the world (past and present). No better way to spend the final hours of your Friday afternoon while you get ready for the post-work beer.


1. Learn to Roll

LearnWake gives us a comprehensive tutorial on how to land a back roll on a wakeboard. A complex process structured into simple techniques. Remember to load the line!


2. The King of the Air

Liam Whaley is arguably one of the best kite surfers out at the moment. In this video we see him reach new heights.


3. Learn to loop

Ricardo Campello gives us a tutorial on performing a backloop on a windsurfer. How to sail doesn't kit the water still blows my mind.


4. Car vs Kite

The Stoke Farm show us a race between a fast car and a faster kite. Both drivers named Stig. Who is the real Stig?


5. Up and Coming

The final video is a highlights package of a young kiting prodigy, Nick Faure. Nick entered his first semi-pro competition at the ripe age of 14. Watch to the end to see Nick kiteloop himself into a slingshot. Good times... go bad.


Folks, that's it from us for this week. Stay groovy and keep safe.

Have an epic weekend!


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