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Top 5 Extreme Water Sports Videos of the Week - 20 January

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Each week, here at Waterman Finance, we bring you the top 5 watersports videos of the week. Our team enjoyably scrape through YouTube to find you the best water sports action around the world (past and present). No better way to spend the final hours of your Friday afternoon while you get ready for the post-work beer.


1. Kitemares...

A wise man once said; "when good times go bad". There is nothing more accurate about the clips in this video. Kite-Surf-College put together this compilation of some of the worst (if it's happening to you) or best (if it's happening to your kite buddy) kitesurfing dilemmas that kiters experience. COMPLETE NIGHTMARES.


2. Big Wave Nutters!

Now, these guys are crazy! Surf Channel Television Network shows Garret McNamara cruising Nazare in 2013. The swell here creates the perfect playground for adrenaline junkies like Garret. Big wave surfing is not for the faint-hearted.


3. The Freedom of Style.

Next, we have an epic display of daring tricks, beautiful landscapes, and aesthetic videography. Cabrinha compiled a video of their pros showing off some of the best tricks one could hope to witness.

In their own words:

' 'FREESTYLE', Adjective - Denoting a version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors employ.'


4. WhatSUP!

Surfers may envy them, or even hate them, but just you try to catch a wave with a SUP... Not as easy as it seems.

SurfingXtreme embrace us with this epic video of Patrice Chanzy SUPing 'his way through some massive waves in Tahiti with great balance and skills!'


5. The Kings of the Air

Finally, we take a throwback to the 2019 Red Bull King of the Air. SurferToday shows us the highlights and new heights that these daredevils reached.


Folks, that's it from us for this week. Stay groovy and keep safe.

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